Girls really do love boy bands

CHICAGO, IL – October, 27, 2016 –  Three women filmmakers take nostalgia to a whole new level with their unique comedy,  Stuck in Boyz E. The film is the story of two teenage sisters who bond after they meet their favorite boy band and realize that the boys aren’t quite what they imagined.

The story brings back a lot of memories for writer Becca Marsh, director Madeline Jordan, and producer Savanna Smith, all who grew up idolizing bands like the Backstreet Boys and NSync. “There’s a very distinct moment when you realize that your favorite band is all under contract, or they’ve been lip-syncing. That kind of moment is what pushes you to grow up, and it’s something that all teenage girls have to go through. That’s really the story that we want to focus on,” says producer, Savanna Smith.

The writer, director, and producer are all seniors at Columbia College Chicago, and they’ve been collaborating on the story since late June. The Boyz E Idaho band was recently cast, and the song “The Real Thing” by Kyven was licensed to use as their theme song. “It’s so incredible to see something that you’ve been thinking about for so long come to life,” says director, Madeline Jordan.

The film goes into production on November 3rd and should be ready to screen at Columbia College Chicago’s Manifest in May, 2017.

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