Girls n’ Boyz E


Girls n’ Boyz E was a film directed by Madeline Jordan and produced by Savanna Smith as a part of Columbia College Chicago’s Advanced Practicum Program. The program is a prestigious, application-only course where students are given finances to produce a short film with faculty oversight. The film was recently acquired by PBS to appear on their television series, “Film School Shorts.” You can watch it HERE.

LOGLINE:  Two sisters struggle between childhood dreams and teenage realities when their favorite boy band shows up during the girls’ work shift , shattering their fantasy when the boys are not as dreamy as expected.

SYNOPSIS: A classic teenage dilemma is about to unfold in Boise, Idaho.  Two sisters, Tara and Angie, are perhaps the biggest fans in the world of the popular boy band, Boyz E Idaho.  The girls dream of marrying band members Justin and Zac in every waking moment.  The sisters even make an overly detailed Boyz E Idaho shrine at their dad’s convenience store, just to ensure that they’re always close to their Boyz.  When the band comes to town, the girls can’t go to the concert, as they get stuck working at their dad’s store.  Fate takes over and the band’s bus breaks down right outside of the store.  When band members Justin, Zac, and Dan walk into the store, Tara and Angie are in heaven.  However, jealousy takes over when Angie sees her sister and Zac, the love of Angie’s life, step outside together.  On the verge of hysteria, Angie decides to get back at her sister by kissing Justin, the love of Tara’s life.  As the girls begin a petty argument, the Boyz E band’s boredom turns destructive inside of the store.  The girls must rebound from their disappointment with each other and the band, to reunite in sisterhood and stand up to their not so perfect idols.