Post Partum

Post Partum was a film produced by Savanna Smith and directed by Johnny Alvarez as a part of Columbia College Chicago’s Independent Project Course. The film had a small collaboration with the LA Doula Project.

LOGLINE: A young couple suffers anger and grief after they endure a miscarriage caused after a car accident, or maybe it wasn’t an accident.

SYNOPSIS: Young couple Mickey and Rae thought they had a plan-build a career, remodel the house, and someday, start a family. But that plan changed when Rae became unexpectedly pregnant. Although Rae suggested to terminate the pregnancy and stick to the plan, Mickey had other thoughts. Rae continued to bear the child, until one day, a tragic car accident caused her to have a miscarriage. On the way home from the hospital, in an attempt to make conversation, Mickey suggests that Rae must be feeling relieved after losing the baby. At that moment, everything changes. Rae can’t look Mickey in the eyes. Crying from emotional and physical pain, she runs outside where the couple gets in a heated argument. When they reenter the house, the two sit on opposite sides of the bed, where Mickey recalls the first time he was in a car accident, and was afraid to get back into a car for weeks. He notes that when Rae left the hospital, she didn’t even flinch when she got into the car. The two sit in silence.

See the trailer here.